The first night

So, I’m well and truly locked up for the first time in my life. OK, it’s temporary lock material, but it’s not me in control of it.

KH mentions: “You know, I’ve got a better mind for this than you. I’m dirtier, but safer.”

I’m a little nervous to find out what that means…

While we’re at the comedy club, but before the acts have started, I get a work call. The T1 seems to be down, from the sound of it… Fine, work is between the comedy club and home, so I’ll just swing by on my way home.

Our friends show up. No more chatting about it.

Comedy ends. (Actually, we leave early.) KH mentions that his stomach is all aflutter. Not about holding keys, but about something he ate, so home we go, as rapidly as possible.

He spends the rest of the evening trying to go to sleep between bouts of intestinal distress. In between, he agrees to put me in a plastic lock. “Four of a kind” he says as he locks it on, sending another jolt to my privates…the first lockdown

Later, I lie awake, wondering what games of chance he has lined up for me. It doesn’t help that his cell phone is shining like a beacon on the ceiling. That’s when it hits me: the T1 is probably still down. He’s now snoring, so I pull out my laptop and verify.

Oh, yeah. No interal work access for me. Time to fix it, as I’m not sleeping under these conditions anyway…

I leave him a text message, and go in to the office. Takes a couple hours, but it was just a power failure. T1 comes back up nicely.

Come home, and decide to check out altairboy’s site. Whoa, it’s gone? Apparently it has been missing for a while. hasn’t checked it out since April. No matter, there’s still lots of good stuff up there.

So, I’m still locked up, coming up on my first 24 hours, and my first 12 hours under someone else’s control…

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