Weekend update

So, I spent the week wearing the CB. Lots of irritation until I switched back to the hingeless ring from the cb-2000, but pullout is prevented by wearing the inverted a-ring segment from the largest 2000 a-ring. Wednesday and Thursday I was sick, so Thursday I left it off completely.

Thursday night, I switched to the cb2k a-ring pair, and put it on, and left it on until Saturday night after we made up some rules. I could probably wear the current configuration indefinitely.
KH was, in fact, lying. He’s not especially dirty, nor inventive. Here’s the rules, starting Monday:

  1. I will roll one die.
  2. I have to wear the CB until I have offered KH a BJ (and followed through, if accepted) that many days evenings in a row.
  3. The CB stays off that many days.
  4. Repeat.?

KH mentioned that after two or three cycles it may switch to two dice. We’ll see. Hell, we’ll see if he even starts the game on Monday night. I’d say the odds are perhaps 1 in 4 that he’ll hope I’ve forgotten about it by then.

In the meantime, I’m out, and hoping.

You know, if he doesn’t keep up with it, I think I’ll find something that will fit him and allow him to pee, and make him do the 15 months he earned where I get to make the call…

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