Out and in again…

Last night I was let out. Very definition of a quickie, after 4 days of lockdown! Scrubbed everything down well, and stayed out for the night. I tried explaining to him that I want to not JO anymore, but I want his help preventing that. Perhaps I’ll be more explicit about that this evening.

This morning, I was told to put it away, so I put it on while KH was out for his morning walk. I’ve got a plastic lock in, but not latched, and he’s still working on rules. Apparently, I’m going to be in through the Superbowl, he’s rooting for Pittsburgh, and he’s going to get the 4.5 point spread in the opposite direction from everyone else… So, I’m going to be rooting for Seattle to win by 5 points or more. He also mentioned this morning that he wants to work out the rules while “under the influence” this evening so that he will be more cruel. He’s also suggesting getting handcuffs to keep me restrained whenever the cb is removed. Gulp! He seems to be getting the idea, and warming up to the fact that it will be his decisions.

I provided him with several games we might use, and it seems the one he wants to edit to suit his needs goes like this:

  1. Twice each week (typically Tuesday and Saturday) I get an opportunity to get out, by rolling a pair of dice.
  2. KH picks a number between 4 and 11, so that it’s mostly his decision.
  3. If my roll is higher than the number he picks, I get out for cleaning and release.
  4. If my roll is the number he picks, I get out for cleaning and teasing.
  5. If my roll is three, I’m left in until the next round.
  6. If my roll is two, I’m out for cleaning and teasing, and locked back in the tube coated with icy-hot.

Another suggestion of mine was that twice each week I roll two dice, and get out for cleaning followed by that many minutes of play time. If I release in that time, good. Then the device goes back on. (See, KH has been complaining that I take too long. Didn’t have that problem last night — after only 4 days!)

Another possible contender for rules looks like this

  1. I start out with a base of 1 day and a single die.
  2. I roll, and am locked in one day for each of the sum of the roll and the base. (Initially, this will be 2 to 7 days, right?)
  3. At the end of the time, I’m out for cleaning and release. The base goes up by one day.
  4. Anytime the base goes over 7 days, the base goes back to 2 days, and two more dice are added.
  5. Within a round, the first incident of disrespectful/blood-pressure-raising behavior adds one day to the base.
  6. The second event adds one die and three more days to the base.
  7. The third event (still within a round) adds two more dice, and an immediate (within reason) application of icy-hot to the tube (cleaning, no release), and I have to roll to start the next round without release.

Oh, did I mention it looks like neither of us is to work this weekend?

Tag#158417 in place, but not yet latched…

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