So, yesterday (while unlocked, or rather, unlatched) I dremeled off the extra bits of the cage alignment pins.  Two hours later, the plastic lock wedged a corner of itself within some tender flesh.  That caused me to switch to a metal lock.
Between those two changes, it is much more comfortable.  Not only that, but I tried (for the first time) the stocking trick. Wow!  I am really, really in this thing now.  Even when the KH took it off last night, it took about 30 seconds of serious tugging to remove the cage.  I think that I might even be able to re-invert the ring segment to keep all three pins from anything sharp.

Of course, we’re two gay men, neither of us cross-dressers nor trans-anything.  So, no stocking.  Anyway, I tried using the thinnest sock I could find.  Not only am I more securely in than ever before, but also erections become more contained, and my alignment for peeing is much improved — to the point where I will almost always be able to continue peeing standing up.

KH has committed — yet again — to have rules by the Superbowl.  I am permitted, however, to ask 4 times each day.

I am about to head out and go to work.  We’ll see how things work out — I’ve never been this far away from a key for this long before.  I don’t forsee any problems.

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