It has finally started, for real…

and it was exciting enough that I’m having trouble getting to sleep.

Here are the rules, as I understand them:

  • We’re going to have as many rounds of this as there are points scored in the superbowl. There may be other superbowl bets, but we’ll work those out as we play a round of golf tomorrow.
  • Each round starts with me rolling a single die. That’s how many BJ’s I must give KH before I get release. First round starts Sunday.
  • When I offer a BJ, if he refuses, it counts as half a BJ.
  • He has five minutes to reject the BJ once it has started, with no penalty.
  • If I get him to cum, it counts as a full BJ.
  • If he tells me to stop after five minutes, it counts as a full BJ.
  • If I go for 45 minutes, it counts as a full BJ.

Now, apparently there is something about a risk factor, involving me not offering BJs often enough. I’ll find out more about those tomorrow, but I’m not sure that I won’t safeword on that.

Here’s how it finally came about:

I started getting nervous. Earlier, I had been getting angry about being blown off so much. After assurances this morning that he would get a lock he was happy with, along with enough spare keys, he told me later that he wasn’t going to do it. I got home from work, and decided that enough was enough, and put both keys to my then-current lock into the keysafe, with a new combination.

Then he comes home. “We’ve got friends coming over, but I’ve got the rules”, he said. But of course, he wants to wait to talk about them. “Not until dinner.”

OK, I thought tonight was supposed to be all about us, but fine. Social obligation. Long about three hours later, we’re off to dinner. In the car, he won’t talk about the rules, and I’m convinced they don’t exist yet.

We go to the store first to pick up some golf balls. He wants numbered metal tabs — like the plastic one that cut me the other day. I’m not keen on that idea. Despite him being sure that he saw them at the store we went to, he couldn’t find them. They do have plastic un-numbered ones, and a fortress lock package with 4 locks and a slew of extra keys, all alike, apparently. He takes one each of those.

Finally, we go to dinner, four hours after he suggests it. He takes his time coming to the table, and two minutes after he sits down, another couple sits down immediately next to us.

Well, fuck that conversation, eh?

Can you sense my frustration even through the keyboard? It’s really subtle…

So, we go outside to talk. It’s cold, and we decide to take the food to-go, and eat at the house. While we’re waiting, he starts with the “risk factor” stuff. When he mentions spanking, I immediately safeword.

No fucking way. Not my scene. Don’t like it, don’t want it, won’t do it. Icy-hot? Sure. Clothespins? You betcha. WS? OK. But no spanking.

So, we get our food and go home. I’m considering it all done, and say as much.

Now, he’s the one pushing for it. OK, no spanking, fine.

So, we get home, and eat, and talk lots more. Somehow, we agree to go forward with it.

We start with me sucking him for a while. He goes out to the garage, and gets the lock package while I wait naked on the bed, still locked in my lock for which I have the keys in the keysafe.Before -- I had the two keys to this lock

He has me take one key and a plastic numbered tag (it ends in 17) to a safe location where I cannot get it down easily, and while I do that he hides the rest of the keys. Then, I suck him a while longer.

Not much longer. He has me give him the combination to the keysafe, and unlocks my lock. I start getting really nervous, and we agree that I should be tied up for the latching. He has me stand up, and put my hands behind my back. He takes his belt, and puts it around my waist and my arms, pretty well pinning them behind me. As assurance, he then takes my belt, and latches it around just my arms. He stands up behind me, turns us both around, and reaches down to take out my lock and replace it with his.The belts used for ingenious bondage.

That’s when I get really nervous. I tell him I want to just feel my dick one more time. His response? “OK, but only if you get me to cum before 10:45pm.” I get to my knees, but can’t get a good angle to deep throat him.

Hoping to get him to power-fuck my throat, I lay back on the bed with my head over the edge. He’d go for a moment, then pull out. I’d go wild on his nuts, and try to coax him back into my throat. Repeat.

Finally, he pulls out and steps away, and helps me sit up. He turns me, and says “Look at the clock”. I do, just in time to see it flip from 10:44 to 10:45, and I look down just in time to see his hand move to my crotch and snap the lock shut.The new lock.  I know where an emergency key is.

He undid the belts, laid back, and had me finish his blowjob. I’ve been straining at the cage and leaking precum ever since.

Absolutely 100% true. I’ve calmed down writing this (until the last part), but now I’m tired enough that I think I can sleep until the morning wood wakes me up…

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