Spoke too soon…Back in, probably for a while starting probably tomorrow!

So, I held back for a while, and KH thought things over.  Apparently he’s come to grips with our conversation wherein I pointed out the difference between chastity given and chastity taken.  And yes, it is definitely something I want to give him.

And, opportunely, something has come up.  A new project for him, at least.  It will probably start tomorrow (we’ll see when things are signed on the dotted line), and will last — most likely — for 10 to 14 days.  His quote?

I’m going to be too busy for masturbation, let alone sex.  If I can’t have any, why should you?

So, I’ll be in until everyone agrees that the project is done, starting when the contract is signed.  Again, that’s probably tomorrow.  He said that he’ll bring a key with him, and we might meet up for lunch to swap locks.  Oh, and on the way home he said,

And, if I do happen to find the time for a quick blowjob or wank, you’ll still be staying in until we’re all done!

We sealed the deal by me sucking his cock. I’ll try to wank tonight, and perhaps tomorrow morning before I go to work, locked into the cb3k with one of my locks.  I think I should have him take one of the keys to this lock tomorrow…

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