OK, it’s about to start for real…

KH was going to sign the contract, but there were a few items that needed to be changed/corrected.  Of course, the person responsible for making those changes was out of town until today.

I’ve been self-locked, however, making sure that I can go longer-term.  Took the dremel, and smoothed down the bits that were scraching me from the inverted arc of the bigger ring that ensures no escape, so the comfort level is much higher than it was before during episodes of morning wood.

I still think it would be a good idea for me to make my own spacer that would also prevent all tampering between the cage and the ring.  I think I could take a flat piece of perspex and create my own combination spacer/pull-out prevention device with several layers.  The curve of it could be more comfortable, and still allow for cleaning. Several of these flat pieces could be epoxied together, and perhaps even a tab could protrude into the top of the cage itself, helping to keep me aligned with the end hole even when fully flaccid.

We got home quite late last night, and KH unlocked and played with me.  I was trying to cum, but he got bored and tired first. I hope he finishes the job before the contract starts, but if not, it’s what I was asking for, eh?

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