So, we’ve both been sick for a few weeks.  I was ill enough that KH requested that we remove the CB so that should he need to take me to hospital/clinic/ER we wouldn’t have to stop to remove it on the way.  I was ill enough to agree.

So then, last Wednesday, I was well enough to wank.  It was pretty mechanical, more “cleaning the pipes” to speed up recovery than anything else.  Friday, I was well enough to wank again, so I put myself back in.  When I got back from work, I realized that I needed to not have access to the key, so I put in the KH’s lock.

Of course, Saturday, he undoes the lock, and jerks me to completion.  Not that I’m complaining.  I left the CB off until this afternoon, when I felt I needed help to keep from wanking again.

All evening, KH has been joking (?) that when I’m wearing the CB, I need to not argue and be such a smart-ass.

We got back home tonight, and I sucked KH off, and then he put his lock in.

So, now I’m in, and don’t know when I’ll be out again…

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