New record, for me…

I’ve been locked since Sunday, but haven’t cum since a week from the Friday before. Right now, I’m at 11 days, and I just finished sucking off KH while locked. Yum!

He had some fun with me last Saturday, when I gave up on sucking him (we both had had too much to drink to be able to cum), and he tossed a key out into the front yard.

(My shock didn’t last long; I knew that he’s too paranoid to not have many, many spares lying about…)

Then yesterday, he announced that I need to make him cum 3 times before I get out.

We’ve got a vacation next week, and I imagine I’ll be without the cb3k the entire time. Let’s see if

  1. I can finish him off twice more before we leave, and
  2. I can keep my hands off myself that long.

Or, maybe I’ll be setting a new record of three weeks…

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