The continuing saga of the KSD-G2…

Been really, really busy at work, and of course the sex life has suffererd.

But on to the good stuff:  Just this morning (I am taking the day off) I finally purchased some sandpaper.  Yes, I have been that busy.  So, you ask, what led to this purchase?  Well, I'm fairly small (34 mm wide to be exact as the keptforher site suggests measuring — just one mm too small for the middle-sized ring), so I ordered the smallest, as recommended.

It really locked me in — no doubt, but even after a few hours of wear I was getting edema (not alarmingly so, but enough to cause some concern), but more importantly, it left me with blood blisters on the top and bottom of my penis, at both the front and back of the ring.  I have a dremel tool, and I tried using that to sand things down, but without a vice to hold things still, I just couldn't do a good enough job.

So now, I have real sandpaper, and sanded it twice (as recommended).  We'll see how long I can wear it now, knowing that I cannot escape!     

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