Over 24 hours in catchy…

So, catchy has been installed for over 24 hours. Pullout is impossible. Hell, installation is difficult! But it doesn’t feel like there is any damage whatsoever, as opposed to using the KSD-G2, which even sanded down damaged my dick and still let me pull out the back.

catchy1.full.jpg Here you can see the full installation of everything. You can slightly see both the ring and some of the rubber pegs.

catchy2.closeup.jpgHere is a close-up of the top of the cb3k cage, with the lock held up out of the frame. You can see even from this angle that one additional helpful thing about catchy is that it holds the skin down away from the air holes. This seems to help prevent the minor edema that I could experience with the KSD addition.

catchy3.closeupside.jpgHere is a side view, at a bit of an angle. Here you can clearly see the rubber pegs, and how tightly they grip.

Installation, as I pointed out yesterday, was tricky. I removed all the pegs, and selected the six longest ones, installing the longest of those in the top. I used the stocking trick to get the head of my penis through, and slid as much skin along the top through as possible (again, leaving some room so that contraction doesn’t stretch things too badly). I then use the stocking trick again with the cage itself, and attach everything as before.

Removal of catchy is impossible without removing each and every peg first. You have to bend the penis away from each peg in turn, and remove it from the ring. Then, remove the ring as you would the KSD.

Peeing standing up is, in fact, easier than in the plain cb3k, as catch holds the penis aligned at the end. This was the case with the KSD as well, but in case you can’t tell, I am much happier with catchy!

Sooner or later, I’m pretty sure I’ll cut some slightly longer lengths of the O-ring material, so that I am kept completely from the air holes in the cage. It sure makes cleaning much easier while caged! Lots more room for soapy water to slosh around in!

Oh, and if anyone knows how to leave feedback on ebay with the private item number, I would appreciate it!

In summary, if you can get by with the KSD-G2, by all means keep using it. It is a fine product (though I could have gotten by just fine without the jesus-freak card included with it), but in my estimation, this is much better, because much more of the contact with the penis is incidental. I would suspect that more folks will have success preventing pull-out with this item. Your dick may vary!

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