Things are busy!

So I’ve gotten linked to.  A lot!

Well, that’s all that I needed.  I’m back in catchy (and by the transitive property, the cb3k)!

KH is still working, but we’ll see what happens when he is done!  /crosses fingers

I’ve been considering putting up some fiction that I’ve been thinking about.  What do you, dear readers, think of that?

3 thoughts on “Things are busy!

  1. Tom Allen

    Here’s my opinion on this.

    Chastity can be a really hot topic… for those getting into it. After a while, though, it gets dull.
    Day 1 – I’m locked up! I’m freaking!
    Day 5 – I’m still locked up. This is so hawt!.
    Day 15 – My KH is pissed at me, so I’m not getting out this weekend.
    Day 25 – Tried the Aneros but it didn’t work.
    Day 55 – I’m totally into subspace. I think
    Day 95 – I’m bored.

    I mean, really – once you get to the point where you’ve turned it from a scene into a lifestyle, there’s not much to write about. Just my opinion, of course. This is why we take a break from it for a while, just to keep it fresh. And this is why I sometiems have to stop posting on the Yahoo groups – after a while the boredom makes me snarky.

    And by all means, post some fiction. It’s all good!

  2. gaynchaste Post author

    You know, I’ve been reading your posts for quite some time now. If you think you’ve ever gotten snarky, I hesitate to think what you think of me as I just get re-started!

    I can surely understand when things get repetitive, it’s difficult to continue producing content, but I know that when I’m reading someone else’s log, I prefer to be kept relatively up-to-date.

    Besides, as writers, we do tend to focus on what is different, as opposed to what is the same, especially if those differences are subtle.

  3. Tom Allen


    It’s not so much the snarkiness – and I really try to be as tactful as possible, because after all, they aren’t my message boards. Rather, I sometimes get bored with seeing the same questions asked all the time on the several Yahoo chastity groups: What’s the best device? My balls hurt, what can I do? I pulled out, how can we prevent it? Hey guys, there are like, 10,000 posts in the archives, do you think you could search a bit beforehand?

    Worse, there are the guys – and it’s almost always guys – who have these long rambling posts about how chastity and BDSM should be done. Choice and personal preference are wonderful things guys. Hey dude, we’ve invented all sorts of stuff since 50,000 BC, you should check some of it out.

    Ah well. Don’t mind me, we’re doing the denial thing again this week.


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