Things are getting serious — in a good way!

So, I mentioned that KH was showing more interest.  He’s had some concerns, specifically about keys.  Apparently, he can’t remember where he hid the rest of the keys for the lock I’m in.  We’ve got another unopened package of locks and keys (TSA-safe!  Ha!) which I suspect will be installed tomorrow.

I gave my first BJ while locked in catchy Saturday, before we went to go see Zodiac (OK, not great), without reciprocation.  He didn’t realize I was locked. Since we were going to the film, time was limited.  After about 15 minutes, I set the microwave timer to 2 minutes, and finished with about 30 seconds to go.  Didn’t get much warning about the mouthful of cum, so I spilled the first shot, but got the rest.

While we were waiting on line to get into the film, I mentioned that it was the first time I’d blown him while wearing catchy.  I got the eye-roll, but I pointed out that I’m not giving him too much shit about the waxing he got (I prefer to not have to ask for ID before I suck someone’s dick!).  I’m pretty sure that pointing out the hypocrisy between my being GGG and his reticence is what got us here…

And yes, I’ve not forgotten about the fiction promise, and it’s still in progress.  Real life interfering, go figure.

Oh, yeah.  4 days in, cleaning only with q-tips.  Anyone got any tips for keeping that area between the balls and catchy dry?  Can’t seem to stay dry, and it’s not even summer sweating time, yet…

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