Now it’s not up to me anymore… again…

So, after 3 days in, with myself holding a single key, I decided that I’m ready to give up control again.

So, I gave the one key I had to KH.  He was reticent, at first, so I left the key on the kitchen counter-top.

Then, he had to run an errand.  Before he left, he said:

We’ll see if you get out when I get back.

A view from above.  You can see the washers used to prevent cutting the pins.Side view.I thought “OK, I’ll clean up for him”.  Go to the counter.  No key.
another front view

It really struck me while I was in the shower cleaning underneath the cb3k with a q-tip.  I really can’t get out without using the emergency key attached to the guide for the garage doorThe emergency key..  Immediately, there wasn’t any room to get soap in or out…

Oh, and there will be more fiction on the way.  We have a trip this coming weekend, so I’ll probably have some time to write instead of work.

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